8 streams dosing

for classic glazed curd cheese bars


for 8 streams classic glazed curd cheeses dosing

8 streams curd mass dosing unit

Efficient solution for GSL 8 line

Curd mass dosing machine GSL.01.B83 is designed for mass dosing and forming the cheese bar using volumetric dosing method. GSL.01.B83 dosing equipment unit – doses in 8 rows at a time for maximum efficiency and high production capacity. Combined with 8-row cooling tunnel GSL.03.A80, distribution system and 2 pcs. of packing units – up to 16,000 bars / hour capacity is reachable.

Technical data:

  • Weight of cheese bars – from 25 to 50 g;
  • Length of cheese bars – from 45 to 67 mm*;
  • Width of cheese bars – from 20 to 32 mm*;
  • Height of cheese bars – from 20 to 32 mm*;
  • Maximum capacity – up to 16 000 cheese bars / hour;
  • Room temperature – from + 18ºC to + 25ºC, humidity up to 65%;

         *  Not all minimum or maximum dimensions can be presented at one time.

Technological process

The dosing equipment performs the following operations:

  • loading the curd mass into the hopper (using GSL.01.K22 loader);
  • feeding the curd mass from the hopper to the dosing unit;
  • dosing of curd mass and formation of “classic” cheeses (can be combined with 04.A filling dosing machine if a filling layer is required inside);
  • remote control – via control panel – setting of curd mass, filling dose and their adjustment;
  • transfer of curd cheeses to Enrober 02.B80;

How such dosing unit works?

Short introduction video to see it yourself!

Additional equipment:


Loader (trolley or box)




Sanitary trolley


Sanitary bath


Sanitary platform

Available solutions

GSL 8 ( up to 16 000 bars/h )

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