Glazing equipment

8 streams, for the bottom of the cheese bar


8 streams glazing equipment for the bottom of the cheese bar

8 streams bottom glazing equipment unit

Efficient solution for GSL 8 line

Glazing equipment GSL.02.A80 is used for glazing the bottom part of curd cheese with glaze and is included as an optional part of glazed curd production line GSL 8. The bottom glazing process helps to keep the shape of the glazed curd bar, when the curd mass is insufficiently thick.

Technical data:

  • capacity – up to 16 000 cheese bars per hour;
  • net width – 530 mm;
  • the conveyor speed – 2…5 m/min;
  • the amount of glaze in a bath (min. / max.) – 25 / 45 l;

Technological process

The bottom glazing equipment performs the following operations:

  • After preparing the glaze at melting tank, glaze flows to bottom glazing unit by automatic piping system;
  • Dosed curd bars are immersed to glaze by moving conveyor mesh to cover the bottom;
  • After forming the glaze bottom, the curd bar is cooled down and covered fully with glaze in GSL.02.B80 equipment.

How bottom glazing works?

Short introduction video to see it yourself!

Available solutions

GSL 8 (up to 16 000 bars/h)

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